Since I have no idea what to call this operation I was unable to find it on the forum before posting this question.

I have a master sheet. It holds all of the quotes I create so they can be searched in one location.

I have a quote template that is opened, information is added, then it is saved in a folder within the same folder that master is located. The layouts match between the template and the master from row 3 and below.

I am curious if there is something that can be added to the template that will allow me to open the template, add line items to the quote and when I save it, it would automatically add those line items to the master sheet.

Or is there a way to do it in reverse?

In an extra column on the master sheet could I link the new quote file to have it automatically pull the row information?

I do not know what to call either operation and know it is possible to have excel preform these tasks but I have been unsuccessful with google.