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Text Matching based on partial text

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    Text Matching based on partial text

    Hello, I'm trying to merge records from two separate datasets.
    • There is no hard match key that would allow for an easy vlookup.
    • However, the records in each dataset include a company name field.
    • When the company names are identical, I can use them in a vlookup.

    But sometimes the company names differ by only a few letters:
    Record from dataset 1: Xerox Corporation
    Record from dataset 2: Xerox Corp

    So it's obvious to a person that these two records belong together, but vlookup would not recognize the union.

    My request: is there a way to devise a macro or formula that will help establish a reliable match between records from the two datasets, based on a close (but not 100%) match between the company name fields.

    Since I'm not a VBA expert, could you please include some context to the solution if this calls for a macro....

    I've attached an illustrative sample workbook.

    Thanks very much.
    - Leo

    Please note there was a related post earlier in 2011, but the final answer was unclear to me:
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