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Solver-problem. Does not maximize anything

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    Solver-problem. Does not maximize anything

    Hello everyone,

    This is my first time here, and I hope to find any friendly spirits that can help me. I would be very grateful. Ive got a problem with the solver that I cant find the solution to, so Im hoping that any of you guys can help me.

    Im trying to maximize a likelihood function. I have a set of adjustable cells and a target cell. Furthermore, I have 6 columns. Each with a different formula that is dependent on the adjustable cells, and directly or indirectly linked to the target cell.

    In 2 of the columns I use the formulas "normdist(x;0;1;true)" to get the cumulative dist. function and "normdist(x;0;1;false)" to get the probability mass function. In the last column I use the formula "product" to get the likelihood that I wish to maximize.

    What I hope to do is to change (maximize) the adjustable cells so that the 6 columns receive their optimal values so that my likelihood function is maximized.

    The problem is that when I use the solver, it returns an answer: "Solver found a solution. All constraints and optimality conditions are satisfied."

    However, nothing changes in the adjustable cells (and hence nothing changes in the 6 columns). I have tried to choose the pre-set values in the adjustable cells so that the result in the 6 columns are close to what I assume to find (and in 2 cases what other research have found).

    Is there anyone who have any thoughts on what might be the problem?

    I have attached the excel 2007-file I you want to have a look at what I have done.

    Best regards,

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