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Automatically populate data based on another cell

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    Automatically populate data based on another cell

    Hi there,

    Im trying to automate data to go into a cell based on information from other cells. I want to be able to have the document automatically assign a country name based on data from another cell and a few parameters.

    For example i want column B in the attached document to be able to identify the country based on input from column H. But - the catch is there may be a number of inputs from column H that would relate to a country. For example column H may have ZBIF, ZPIN or ZPED, which would all relate to New Zealand. Or it could have NBIF, HARB, VAST, SODA which would all relate to Australia etc. Its easier to do it this way as the Regions dont really reflect the country's - its more where the operations centre are. Sometimes the operation centres move across countries / regions - and it gets confusing to manage. So it would be easier for me to set it up based on op centres. I can then change any peremeters based on that.

    Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Automatically populate data based on another cell

    Create a Vlookup data table and reference the table...


    It would look like...

    Regards, Jeff

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