Hi all,

I've got a ComboBox on one of my UserForms. The Combobox is pulling data from a table in an Access database (this is working fine). I also filter a 2nd combobox's options based on the selection made from the 1st combobox (this is also working fine - sort of.)

I'd like for the 2nd combobox to filter on either of the following conditions:

1.) the user clicks a selection in the 1st combobox (this works so far - I have this code within a "Combobox_Change()" method

2.) the user enters one of the possible selections by typing it into the combobox. (This is not working when I put the code within the "Combobox_Change()" method, because the second I type anything in the combobox, it thinks that something is wrong with the input.

My question is basically - how to I make it so that the Combobox allows the user to type whatever they want, and only makes a determination on whether or not the input was acceptable AFTER they finish typing it in (and either hit ENTER on the keyboard, or lose focus from the combobox - something like that)?

Thanks very much for the help, all.