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Create or rank work groups based on preferences

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    Create or rank work groups based on preferences


    I am trying to find away to use excel to determne classroom groups based on preferences. For example, I have 30 students and want to create 10 groups of 3. Each student can list two (equally weighted) students they would like to be grouped with. I was thinking it should be possible to rate different group combinations: A possible group would be one where all three students have listed the other two as their preferred group members - this would have the highest "rating" for a group. Another possible group might have each member having chosen one of the other members. A group where noone has any of their preferences would have the lowest rating of any possilbe group.

    I have found a way to list all possible 3 person combinations of students (which also lists groups with duplicate such as Kate, Kate and Sally). But that's as far as I've got.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Create or rank work groups based on preferences

    Could you upload a workbook with what you got so far?


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