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COUNTIFS is counting my blank, text fields

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    COUNTIFS is counting my blank, text fields

    I'm trying to use the COUNTIFS function to count items based on a date (column H), either 7 days before action is due, or at or more than 30 days. There are also two other variables to the function. If column I is "Y", then don't count H. If column J is a date, then don't count H. My problems are: it's counting blank cells in H (" " as a formula result) and it's not decreasing the count for entries in I or J.

    Here's the last entry I tried
    =COUNTIFS(H:H,"<B2-7",H:H,"<>" & " ",I:I,"<> Y",J:J,"<> 0")

    I'm out of ideas.
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    Re: COUNTIFS is counting my blank, text fields




    =COUNTIFS(H:H,"<"&B2,H:H,"<>" & " ",I:I,"<>Y",J:J,"")

    watch the spaces you had "<> Y" and also when referencing a cell for the criteria it is not within quotes....
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