Good morning! This is my first post to the forums and I'm hoping someone will be able to shed some light on what I'm missing.

I have a very "busy" spreadsheet (only 2 tabs but lots of data on them).

On Sheet1 I have some hyperlinks to more details on Sheet2. I've added some conditional formatting to both sheets that modifies the fill and font of the selected cells only and then reverts back when that cell no longer has focus - something to try to make it easier to find where you are in the mix.

Anyway - that's not really the issue.

If I click one of the hyperlinks on Sheet1, it jumps to the appropriate area on Sheet2. What I would like to do is have excel automatically create a hyperlink in the Sheet1 hyperlink's target cell on Sheet1 that will jump me back to the originating cell on Sheet1.

Basically I want to be able to jump back and forth with hyperlinks. One other thing I want to do is that when I click the "returning" hyperlink on Sheet2 I want excel to automatically delete the hyperlink while retaining the value in the cell.

My code is below. It works when the Sheet1 hyperlink points to a cell on Sheet2 that has text in it. When it has a currency value (or even a number stored as text) I get an "Invalid procedure call or arguement" error on the .Hyperlinks.Add line.

Also, and I know I'm missing something incredibly small I think, I am also getting an "Object Required" error on the .Hyperlinks.Delete line.

If I create a test hyperlink in Sheet1!J19 (contains text TEST) and link to Sheet2!J19 (contains text "abcde"), the code works fine for the add, but still errors on the delete. Commenting out the delete allows me to jump back and forth between both sheets just fine.

If I use actual data and have a hyperlink from Sheet1 (text) to a cell on Sheet2 (currency format) the add bombs...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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