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Excel Table reorganization

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    Unhappy Excel Table reorganization

    Hi experts,

    I have a table in excel where i have three columns named "First","Mid","End". Each column is filled with data like in the table below

    First Mid End
    2 18 3
    3 7 8
    3 11 9
    8 15 4
    9 19 14
    14 21 20
    14 25 4
    20 28 4

    what I want to do is to create numerical paths using the above table using the random number (example letís say I selected 2) so starting from 2, I will pick the first three element from the same row which is = 2 18 3 then I will take the last element from this path (3) and look for the same number in the first column on the table and continue the path 2, 18,3,7,8 (omitting the repetition of 3). Likewise I want to list down all the possible paths that I can have using the above table.
    Example of a result for the above table is


    Can someone please help me on the coding or formula that could help me get the result displayed above? Please note the number of rows contained in the table could vary. But for every row of data all three columns will have data in that row.

    Your expertise on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Excel Table reorganization

    Please look at the attached. Enter your starting number into the yellow cell and hit go.

    The code is below.

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    It works by keeping track of whether new combinations are being created for each cycle and removes any duplication as it goes along.
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