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Combobox - Filter auto-filter worksheets (ActiveX)

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    Combobox - Filter auto-filter worksheets (ActiveX)

    Hi there, I have tried searching forums for an answer, but have not found one.

    What I have is a spreadsheet with eight different different worksheets. Each worksheet contains a large list of manager names in column A. Columns B to H contain employee names, titles, login privildges, etc. Except for the first worksheet, each of the seven worksheets contain different application data (but the first four columns are the same all the way throught: Manager name, employee name, application name, app priviledge).

    What I would like to do is in Sheet1, use a Combo box to select a manager's name from a combo box; and once done, I would like Sheet2 to Sheet8 to automatically filter the other worksheets with the same manager's name.

    I thought this would be easy, this is something I have not done before, so I am at a loss of how to proceed.

    Oh, and I am using MS Excel 2007.

    Thanks for looking!



    I did find out how to do this the following (using a macro to record the filtering of one manager):

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    Buuuuuutttt, I have over 200 manager names in the combo box, so I would basically have to change the manager name in the code above, then cut and paste 200 times in order for the code to correctly work.

    There has to be another way!!!!!
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    Re: Combobox - Filter auto-filter worksheets (ActiveX)

    Your post does not comply with Rule 3 of our Forum RULES. Use code tags around code. Posting code without them makes your code hard to read and difficult to be copied for testing. Highlight your code and click the # at the top of your post window. For more information about these and other tags, found here
    Hope that helps.

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