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TODAY Function review/alert system

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    TODAY Function review/alert system


    Im looking to create a tool that allows me on a particular day say (T) to type into a cell a command such as "T1", this would then return in another cell todays date plus 1 day. Likewise if I entered "T3" it would return todays date plus 3 days. Its basically a reviewing system.

    So if today (T) is 20/10/11, and I enter "T3" in a cell, another cell would return "23/10/11"

    ..now I've actually managed to do this (which surprised me as I'm rubbish with excel), by using this:


    You'll see I'm only bothered about T1, T3 and T7.

    However the problem comes where I need an alert to come up when these "T" dates fall 'Today,'

    Ie using the example above, if I enter a T3 command on a row today, I need to know about that entry through an alert on the 23/10/11.

    I know that the reason the above wont allow me to do it is because the TODAYs will continually change to todays date, so the alerts would just roll on. So is there a way of fixing the 'T' dates to allow me to refer to them in the future?



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    Re: TODAY Function review/alert system

    Formulas update in realtime based on the calculations and functions within the formula. No formula utilizing TODAY()+?? will be static.

    For dates to be static, they must be flat values in the cells when they are entered.

    Ideas that thus come to mind are:

    1) Data Validation + Named Formula

    Create a named formula that creates the "date" using your T3 cell.

    Use Data Validation in the alert column to enter the dates with the mouse. The drop down would get its date via the named formula.

    2) Use VBA to enter a date for you into the date column based on what you type into the T3 column.
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