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Website login help

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    Website login help

    Hi folks

    Ok Im trying to import tables from a supplier of mine that requires a login,

    Now doing it manually works fine as you log in as you navigate to the table, however I need a macro that does this automatically, which again once ive logged in once via "get external data" button the macro works fine, however if you close excel, reopen and try to run the macro it doesnt work.

    Ive tried running this type of macro 1st, which I got to successfully login via Internet explorer:
    Please Login or Register  to view this content.

    But this still doesnt alow me to run the web query macro, it just logs me in on internet explorer.

    If I close excell the session times out. I need a way to make the webquery macro log in to the site 1st any ideas?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Website login help

    Just a note of caution;
    Excel doesn't encrypt what it sends to the websites. Any hacker could intercept your login info.
    The owner of the website may not appreciate you making your password available to any hacker. In the User Agreement for the website (that no one ever reads), you probably agreed to keep your password confidential and you're not doing it.

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