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Summary matrix

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    Summary matrix


    Attached you can find a sample workbook which describes fairly my challenge, -once you look at it you'll now what i'm looking for.

    Suppose the names in green are given, so you could in principle look these names up in "Data 1" (see sample) and paste categories in row 3 (the stuff in red).

    I'm almost looking for some way to vlookup...actually I could use a vlookup if each name in Data 1 occured only once, then in row 3 from column J is just a vlookup, but i have names occuring in different categories.

    NB: I need the solution to be in VBA! ..at least a hint is appreciated.
    If interrested:
    I have made a solution that works and give me the desired output, but the problem is that it's not an efficient way at all since it takes me more than 3 min or so to paste my "Matrix" and my data in my original problem is large (up to 550 rows (Data 1 in the sample attached)).

    My own solving of my problem was to run through all 550 rows (Data 1) and see if one row matches the given name that I already have in my matrix (green names in the sample attached), and that took time!
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    Re: Summary matrix (must be easy - vlookup item which is linked to multiple categorie


    If both ranges are in same length & names are in same positions try to use SUMIFS.

    J4, copy down & across.


    Use custom cell format as 0;0;;
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