Good afternoon Excel Forum,

I'm working on complete with a working word cloud / tag cloud generating macro. It uses chandoo's popular method. I've made some changes but still have two tweaks I need to make:

1) Instead of separating out each individual word I would like to just do counts of the number of times each unique cell contents are in the column. I think I will use a pivot table to accomplish this as that's how I do it manually whenever I need to.

2) The second change I want to make is to also adjust font colors in addition to font size based on the frequency (more frequently occurring descriptions set to Red and then work towards green for the lesser common descriptions).This is where I'm hoping I may be able to find some help, as I think I should be able to accomplish task 1 without too much difficulty (although I'd still appreciate some advice on that).

I've commented the code including where I imagine the color tweak would need to be made or added. Although perhaps this will change if I'm including the entire descriptions rather than pulling each unique word from the descriptions?

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Thanks a bunch in advance for any help / advice you may provide. And sorry again about the lengthy code paste (I tried but failed to upload). Happy Holidays!