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Macro or look-up code transfer customer names & details over

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    Macro or look-up code transfer customer names & details over

    Good Afternoon,

    I am a newbie to this forum so please be gentle!

    My knowledge of macros is very minimal so please bear with me, I will give as much detail as I can (apologies if I am teaching you to suck eggs).
    I have inherited an invoicing spreadsheet and am trying to resolve an issue that I have. When I type in the name of a current customer after 2 or 3 letters it brings up the full name and once enter is pressed it automatically completes the address below due to the 'look-up' code entered in the boxes below, my query though is on sheet 2 where all of the customers are listed when I add a new customer into the sheet I then have to type the exact name into the box on sheet 1 and nothing less otherwise it of course does not fill in the address details correctly. I presume this is a simple macro (especially as my predessor was extremely fond of them!) but I am unabel to figure which macro it is as there are lots of unnamed ones in this sheet.

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Kind regards
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    Re: Macro or look-up code transfer customer names & details over

    Sounds like an event macro, you will need to right-click the sheet tab and select View Code to see the macro used.
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