Login/Password Prompt for Multiple Users
Hey All

I was looking to set up a username/password protected workbook.
I was hoping if I can make certain sheets visible depending on the username.

so e.g
User 1 will only get access to Sheet1 but
/User 2 will get acess to Sheet1 and Sheet 2

I will have about 30 users so I am assuming I would have to have a seperate sheet to store the login/password information or can it all be hidden in the VBA?

Optional: Would it be better if we set up a 3rd field called Type when prompting for login and password. Type would be "user","manager","owner".
All users will get access to Sheet 1 only.
Managers will get access to Sheet 1 and Sheet 2.
Owner will get access to Sheet 1, 2 and 3

Also, I would like to store the username in cell A1 of Sheet 1 as all calculations in this sheet will be based on this value.

Also, any tips on making the workbook more secure above and beyond the excel 7sheet/workbook password protection and password protection on the VBA as VERY welcome.

Any help on this is greatly appreciated.