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Referencing, checkboxes, message boxes, using other workbooks

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    Post Referencing, checkboxes, message boxes, using other workbooks


    I am creating a property checklist for my property inspectors to use that references other workbooks. Essentially it has basic yes and no questions that when answered populate a bid template - It is very difficult to put together with my caveman like skills at VBA and Excel.

    On the back end, I have a database of prices per item and action for each item,
    Headers are: item descriptions, action descriptions, quantity labels, room type... (Other fun stuff that I am still compiling on in a single work book)

    I would like to develop this thing, so that my inspectors can walk through the property, tap yes and no answers on a questionaire, and fill out approx. area of damaged items. (Either pop-up boxes with answers that are populated on a sheet, a form, dropdown menues that when selected populate a predefined bid template, or checkboxes and buttons that help create the bid)

    Things that I would like to happen while the the inspector is tapping and typing: (This model will assume using a laptop with windows 7)
    I would like a folder to be created with the property address that the inspector inputs, as it's name, and the excel workbook to autosave in the folder.
    I would like the answers that he selects to reference the items in my database that corelate to the question being asked... If it is a yes, I would like the item and action that he selects to reference the price in the database and populate fields in a bid template.
    If the inspector's answer is a, "No," then I would like the space on the bid template to be used for the next item that is answered with a yes.
    I would like to be able to email the excel workbook and/or pdf with the bid template to a set of email addresses. (Either pre-defined or an input box to define them)
    I would like a separate workbook to track the property address, date, inspector, client, and amount of bid - So that I can run a report for my bosses.

    What I need help with, is making this thing functional. Eventually I would like to host it on the web and allow other contractors in my industry the ability to use the program.

    Any free advice, cheap advice, possible partners in creating a program that we can webhost and charge for, or any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

    I greatly appreciate it,

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    re: Referencing, checkboxes, message boxes, using other workbooks

    Hello ChrisHarrellCCC,

    Welcome to the Forum!

    You post indicates that very little has been developed on this project. With no code or workbooks to use as references, the task you have presented here is not realistic. You would do much better to hire someone who can work with you one on one in developing this project from scratch rather than piece meal free information together from a variety of sources.
    Leith Ross

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