Hello - - vba-gurus! I have a task I'm taking over that is being done in rather manual process, and to me 'manual' is a four letter word! What I have is a folder with about 14 subfolders. In each of the subfolders I'm to add (this is the manual part) two compressed folders and then copy 4 workbooks in one and 5 workbooks in the other. I repeat this for all 14 subfolders. I was hoping someone might start me off with some VBA code that would at the very least create these two compressed folders (2 for each of the 14 subfolders, so 28 in all).

My path is similar to:
X:\current month\Sub1
X:\current month\Sub2...and so on to Sub14.

So I'm looking for two zipped or compresses folders in each...suggestions, thoughts?