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VBA: How to Find, Copy & Paste

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    VBA: How to Find, Copy & Paste

    Hi, I have very little to no knowledge of VBA scripting, therefore would like an Excel Guru to help.

    I have a Macro-enabled workbook that has 3 worksheets:
    1. Show Me Profile: Main sheet with Search Button
    2. Project List: will be a hidden worksheet for the Drop Down Menu on main sheet (no relevance to VBA issue)
    3. Total Forecast: Master Data where the the Main sheet will grab information from

    Example of what I'd like the VBA script to do:
    On the "Show Me Profile" Worksheet:
    - User has a Search Box (Cell B5), they type in "Great Plains" into B5.
    - Hits the "Search" button
    - VBA script on "Search" button will look for "Great Plains" (or whatever is in B5) in F Column of "Total Forecast" Worksheet.
    If there is a match:
    - It will Copy that entire row, Paste the entire row into Row 10 of ""Show Me Profile" Worksheet.
    -Then it repeats the "Find, Copy & Paste" function until no further matches are found in Column F of "Total Forecast" Worksheet.

    At the end of it all, the user should have a Rows of Information, based on their Search Criteria in the "Show Me Profile" Worksheet.

    Hope this makes sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: VBA: How to Find, Copy & Paste

    You can use an AUTOFILTER for this. Let's assume the Total Forecast worksheet has titles across row 1 (required) and the data starts in row 2 and goes down an indeterminate number of rows.

    This macro would go into the Show Me Profile sheet tab and would trigger itself anytime you change the value of cell B5.
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