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Can't Create Macro for Excel to Email through Outlook

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    Question Can't Create Macro for Excel to Email through Outlook

    Morning Y'all... So I'm looking to do something and I'm just not sure how to do it...

    I'm looking to use excel to send emails and I've searched and searched and I'm completely clueless when it comes to macros. My Email I want to look something along these lines:

    Hello John Smith

    Here are blah blah orders that need to be completed


    Thank you very much!
    Now I got an excel sheet basically with about 300plus names that would be in the A column... And then I have there emails that would be in the B column... And then column C1 2 3 4 I would be inputting order #s... If need be I can have the orders go in a row from left to right... so instead of column C12345 it could go CDEFG(etc)

    So I want to know if it's possible for Excel to pull from each line and then send to that email and with the orders that are theres, and then also for every other person...


    It looks like that the excel sheet... Someone come save me please!!
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    Re: Can't Create Macro for Excel to Email through Outlook

    Hi grosh83
    This is rather straight forward. Post a workbook that has dummy data with the SAME STRUCTURE as your actual file. I'll be glad to help.

    If you have issues with Code I've provided, I appreciate your feedback.

    In the event Code provided resolves your issue, please mark your Thread as SOLVED.

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