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Macro to pull cellls based on text into another worksheet

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    Macro to pull cellls based on text into another worksheet

    *This is a repeat thread, hoping for an answer...*

    Hi all,

    I have an idea I would like to implement for reporting purposes - to be used by a beginner Excel user (not me).
    I have shift reports that are submitted 2x daily (sample attached). What I want to do is to pull a report based on the criteria outlined below.
    The individual shift reports are saved in a specific folder.

    For the purpose of this macro, I only want to copy cells if the shift report contains any shift-codes containing "AC" or "APC" (highlighted in yellow in my attached sample). If any of the cells in the range A3:F26 cell contains that criteria then:

    Copy the cell to the right (containing the empoyee name) of the code into one colum, then copy the *required* cell (containg the code with "AC" or "APC" in it) into the next column - also:

    Copy the cell E20 (showing the date) into another column (repeating)
    Copy the cell A1 (showing the shift ID) into another column (repeating)
    Copy the cell E18 (showing the shift hours) into another column (repeating)

    I want to copy values only - not formulas

    I have included another tab in the workbook to show how I would like the report to turn out - In the end, I need to use the report to tell me the number of hours each employee has for specific shift codes each month by filtering or using another macro - whatever, first things first!
    I know this is asking a lot, but sure could use your expertise! TIA
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    Re: Macro to pull cellls based on text into another worksheet

    Hi Greed,

    Instead of creating a new thread for the same issue, its advisable that you bump the previous one for a response. Since you have already opened this one, you can close the other thread or mark as solved.
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