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Cut and move data by macro (?) from one workbook to master workbook

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    Cut and move data by macro (?) from one workbook to master workbook

    Hi All,

    I am very novice with excel and macros so be kind... I am generating several workbooks to track samples that will be located in different freezers in my lab. I have assigned conditional formatting so that based on date, the color changes to show that a spot in a storage box is "filled" and then another conditional formatting so that once the word "disposed" is typed it will change to a different color. From here I may want the impossible... what I would like to have happen is once the color change for "disposed" happens is for all of the data in that cell to be cut and pasted into a seperate master disposal log (so we can track waste generated) and then have the now clear cell repopulate with the base info and conditional formatting so it's ready to go the next time we enter sample info. If the latter step makes it too complicated, then just having the data be cut and pasted automatically based on keyword would be awesome. Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Cut and move data by macro (?) from one workbook to master workbook

    Why dont you attach a sample copy of your file?
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    Re: Cut and move data by macro (?) from one workbook to master workbook

    A simple non-programming way to achieve what you want, is to have your master disposal log reference all entries in your "data" file, and then to add a filter to both files. In you data file, filter out all the "disposed" references, and you will be left with stuff thats still there. In the master file, filter out everything thats not disposed.

    I know this will mean that both files will continue to grow as data is added, but this will work for you until some1 gives you the VB code for a more eligant solution
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