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Run macro in all files from a folder

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    Run macro in all files from a folder

    Earlier I posted this thread:

    mrice nicely solved my problem but now I have another one.

    I need to run the macro I just created on 500 + files, and those files are not excel workbooks (*.xls). They are pure text files that I open with excel and then the excel do the job of converting tabulations in columns.

    The macro Im using is this

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    I have no idea where to start, most of my "googling" takes me to threads teaching how to activate a pre-existent macro on a bunch of files.

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    Re: Run macro in all files from a folder

    Open one of the text files with the macro recorder running to generate the basic VBA code for opening a text file (Text Import Wizard). Edit the code to incorporate a Dir loop (see VB Help or Google) to loop through the 500 files. For each file, open it, call your existing code (which you will probably have to modify slightly), then close and save it (use the macro recorder again to generate the VBA for saving a file).
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