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Calculating time clock entries

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    Unhappy Calculating time clock entries

    Hi everyone I'm having a tough time trying to figure out how to work vba code for a time clock spreadsheet (I've attached a sample of the data). I'm a total noob and way over my head on this project.

    thanks in advance for any of your expertise and patience- I hope I'm explaining in detail enough as to what I need. Let me know if I need to clarify anything- Jannett

    Here's a sample of the data - there are actually over 700,000 records in the main spreadsheet!

    First for each employee I need to calculate:

    Their earliest start_date col (E)
    Their latest end_date col (L)
    Their total paid_time (C)
    Their total paid_time + [total adj_min_to_start_time (H) + total adj_min_to_end_time (L) 'but don't count any marked as OVERTIME (C)]

    Finally I need to have totals for:

    earliest start_date (E) out of all the employees
    latest end_date (L) out of all employees
    total number of shifts of all employees (records)
    total number of employees (A)
    total paid_time (D)
    total paid_time (D) + total adj_min_to_start_time (H) + total adj_min_to_end_time (L)
    total difference of [total adj_min_to_start_time (H) + total adj_min_to_end_time (L)] - paid_time (D)

    thank you!
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