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create control button and assigning it a macro

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    create control button and assigning it a macro

    1. I am trying to write a new macro to create a control button in the first cell of the first empty column not already populated by a previously created control button.

    2. Then I want to assign the new control buttons to already existing macros

    im currently using: Set LastCol = Range("A1").End(xlToRight)
    to find the last unused column, but it does not register the exisiting buttons as populating the cells and i get an error
    "run-time error 1004: application-defined or object-defined error" likely because the cells do not contain regular data

    any and all help is welcome. thanks

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    Re: create control button and assigning it a macro

    Hi ers,

    Welcome to the forum.

    Please can attach your Excel file as it will be easier and will let us experiment with your data, formulas, and code.


    Bonny Tycoon

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