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How to Move specific files to folders with VBA

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    How to Move specific files to folders with VBA

    Hello all,

    I would like to move files from a specifice folder to several different folders with VBA.

    The files i like to move are stored in a specific folder on C:\Material

    The folder contains different kind of excel files that needs to be moved to different folders each month.

    The beginning of the file name is always the same for each separate file but the month changes.

    I have a listed the file names in excel and also the folder where to move.

    Filen Name Location Correct Folder
    AA MARCH 2012.XLS C:\Material C:\AA
    BB MARCH 2012.XLS C:\Material C:\BB

    Look for filename in A1 in excel sheet - Then look for it in C:\Material If found then Move to C:\AA
    Then Goto next row in excel sheet A2 look for filename - Then if found in C:\Material then move to C:\BB
    End Function

    I ripped one from the internet:

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    Re: How to Move specific files to folders with VBA

    This doesn't create folders, but it will move the files if they exist in the paths as you have described:

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