As I read from these forums,anybody could help coding for me. My problem maybe solved by merging some threads as follows :

Questions and problems:

I have Test1.xlsx & Test2.xlsx file Test1 file get every cell's data from Test2 by putting 'Test2'!cell address' in Test1 cells. Data updated every seconds. I keep open,close &open to get Test1 updated. Is there a way to get Test1 updated without opening the Test2.xlsx file ? If "NO" ,I thought the second & third thread above could be solving this.

To open,close and open the Test2.xlsx, I just need to open it for 2 seconds(minimized) and close it for 10 seconds & open again for 2 seconds and so on. Is somebody could code this? I'm newbie in VBA, even didn't know how to put the code and run/stop the VBA when it run.Please give some clue. Thanks for kindness.