I have a program that collects data every 3 hours 8 macros during a 24 hour time. This workbook stays opened all the time 24 hours a day 7 days a week and is the only thing running on this computer. What I need is a macro to save the file at 05:30 before the new day starts and keep running without anyone being at the computer to assist in any way. I can do save as the data everything works fine for the 1st day. When its time for the new day to start it tells me I already have a file named that date and will stop running if know one is there to rename the file. I would like this file to save as yesterday's date then keep running without closing. Here are my macro steps. 0600 run NewDay Marco save as today, 0800 run macro 1 save, 1100 run macro 2 save, 200 run macro 3 save, 500 run macro 4 save, 0800 run macro 5 save, 1100 run macro 6 save, 0200am run macro 7 save, 0500 run macro 8 save. Then it all starts over this is a work computer and I save so if I have a problem with the network other managers can still get the data from the network drive and the program still runs on my computer. Problem such as people not keeping paper in the printer. Like I said it all works great for the 1st 24 hours then I get a error to want me to rename file. Can anyone help me?