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I have researched this one and can't find my situation answered so I thought I would ask my first question on this forum.

Question: how can I count the # of cells filled in on a named range but only for specific columns (not all columns of the named range).

The short answer is make another named range for the specific columns I want to validate but I'm wondering if that is just the easy way out.

I have a data entry sheet I'm trying to do some validation on prior to copying the users' input to another tab of my spreadsheet. The data entry section is a 6 column x 10 row table with a name "INPUTLINES". Column 1 is a pre-numbered reference which is not editable so I don't want to count that column. Column 6 is a formula, also non-editable. I really only want to do a CountA on columns 2 through 5 of "INPUTLINES".

I tried this (below) but it only counted the first row of each column. I thought by leaving the rowindex value blank, I was specifying the column in its entirety but apparently it does not. I don't really want to look through every cell to determine if it's filled in, was hoping to simply count column 2, 3, 4, 5 and be done.

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If I type in values in the first row, I get a result of 4 (correct). If I type values in several rows, I still get a result of 4.

Any tips? Is there a value for row offset which is equivalent to "all rows"?

Thanks in advance,