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Exporting Excel data into Outlook calendars: Changing an Outlook VBA to Excel VBA

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    Exporting Excel data into Outlook calendars: Changing an Outlook VBA to Excel VBA

    I have almost no experience with VBA, in Outlook or Excel. I am a medical student who happens to be the chair of our student government's tech committee. Part of the committee's task is to encourage the clerkship directors to offer electronic scheduling for the students, I have just done a lot of brute-force work to get it done for the dermatology rotation (it works, but it kind of sucks). I created an excel spread sheet for the director to enter the student's schedules into (it's a two week rotation, but I made the schedule with room for six weeks for potentially using it on other rotations). The master page has all of the information on it and based on the group letters placed on each event, the information is transferred into separate individual CSV-like pages. I then created a macro in outlook to automatically import each of the individual schedules into individual calendars which will be shared with the students based on the group letter assigned to them. I have spent way too much time on this and I think I should probably start actually focusing on learning stuff. I'm sure my code is absolutely stupid and I'm sure this is too much to ask for, but I'd really appreciate any help anyone can give me. I'm also really sorry if this isn't the place to be posting something like this.

    What I would like to do:

    1. Use the macro from the Excel spreadsheet itself instead of from Outlook. This would make the system more portable.
    2. Make the macro delete and recreate the calendars it is exporting data to each time (this way, events won't stack up if changes are made).

    I attached my Excel spread sheet and here's the Outlook VBA code that I would like to be changed into Excel VBA code:
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