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Macro novice look for support - tricky:-)

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    Macro novice look for support - tricky:-)

    Hi all, I am very novice to Macro programming (in fact I most of the time only record them an only make some changes in the macro itself :-)
    but now, macro recording is not sufficient anymore to solve the following problem:

    I have in the same workbook:
    Worksheet A with a list of trainings names in cells A2 to A45
    Worksheet B with a list of names in cells C2 to C250
    Worksheet C listing training completion (only listed if the training was done) with
    training names in column A, Completion date in column B, Names in column C
    Worksheet D, with a Matrix showing per Name/Training if YES/NO the training is required for this person

    I want to do the following:
    in worksheet B, for all names, starting Cell E2
    check in Worksheet D if the training is required for each person-
    if no - display " not required"
    if yes, check in Worksheet C if a training completion date is listed for this person
    if listed - display the completion date from Worksheet C
    if not listed - display "missing record"

    I have no idea if something like this is possible - and I would be very grateful for any kind of support!
    I attach an example of the workbook for better understanding.

    If it is not clear please post a reply with your questions!THANKS A LOT FOR YOUR HELP!
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    Re: Macro novice look for support - tricky:-)

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