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userform - lookup and write data to a specific row in a worksheet

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    userform - lookup and write data to a specific row in a worksheet

    I'm stuck!

    The question(s) is:
    1. How do I get a userform to write data to a specific worksheet row (this row will be identified by the content of the first cell in the row)?
    2. How do I populate the content of a userform with data from a worksheet (located by entering the uniqueID) and then allow users to edit it and write the data to the corresponding row on the worksheet?

    I’ve created a multipage userform, with the option to submit data at the bottom of each page.
    The first page allows users to enter basic data with a command button (code below), and the subsequent pages will allow users to enter further information to the same record (appearing on the same row in the worksheet)
    On clicking submit on the first page, a uniqueID is created for this record and this id along with the rest of the data on this page is written to a worksheet

    What I’m having trouble doing is writing data to the same worksheet row at a later stage in the multipage userform, and looking up the data at a later date and enable editing

    The code for the first page of the userform Submit Command button is below:

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    The second page in the userform is MultiPage1 and this also has text and combo boxes on it, and when users input data into these boxes I need it to appear on the same row as specified by the uniqueID (tboSetupUniqueID.Value)

    Hope someone can help


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    Re: userform - lookup and write data to a specific row in a worksheet

    @ EMAP

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