Anyone know if you can attach a macro to an SLK / SYLK file.
I did see this in the sylksum.doc , but have no idea how to get it working

- O record: Global options.
* - ;A cIter numDelta: Iteration on. The parameters are not used by
* plan but are for Excel.

- ;C: Completion test at current cell.
- ;P: Sheet is protected (but no password).
* - ;L: Use A1 mode references (R1C1 always used in SYLK file expressions).
* - ;M: Manual recalc.
* - ;R: Precision as formated (!fPrec).
* - ;E: Macro (executable) sheet. Note that this should appear
* before the first occurance of ;G or ;F field in an NN record
* (otherwise not enabled in Excel). Also before first C record
* which uses a macro-only function.

Many Thanks