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Selecting Slicer filters from a cell/cells

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    Selecting Slicer filters from a cell/cells


    I was wondering whether any of you clever people could help me in solving this:

    I have 12 sheets with weekly data from which I would like to produce a monthly report. The 12 sheets used to be 12 Workbooks but I've merged them into one workbook to make the monthly report somewhat easier. I have been using pivot tables/charts for a lot of it and vlookup and index/match functions to populate dynamic tables in a kind of dashboard for each of the 12 areas.

    The problem I have is I'm using slicers to filter the pivot tables which are very nice but I can't use the same slicers for ALL the pivot tables...I do have a few of the charts linked to the same slicers but I can't do them all. I extract some of the data from the main tables by using Vlookups and controlling that with a combo-box output. All of the reports I produce are filtered in some way either by week number/s or month.

    I was wondering if anyone has any experience of using a combo-box to 'program' the slicer selection. What I'm thinking of is to be able to give the file to my boss and tell him to just select the month using the combo-box which would set the slicers for each of the 12 PT reports rather than him having to adjust the slicers each time. I like the slicers but as I have a need to look at weekly data too the 52 buttons and the month slicers do take up a lot of real estate and I'd like to move them 'off screen' a bit and just have a combo-box to control it all on the dashboard part.

    I have attached an example file where I have a month select combo-box and a vlookup table to show the week numbers for each month. Would it be possible to use those cell values to set the slicers using vba?

    I have previously used buttons for the month with macros attached to them before which select the slicer weeks but it's not very pretty code wise and slow...and I'm not yet good enough to modify the vba successfully...

    So if any of you clever people here could perhaps help me get started with the code I can hopefully go and apply or modify it to work with the twelve categories of my report...thank you

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