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Load Userform ComboBox with filtered data

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    Load Userform ComboBox with filtered data


    I am building a userform in which I need to capture the customer's name from a sheet given in the example worksheet.

    I have two categories of customers. Those appearing in the Master have a value > 0 in the Customer Code (column F) column. If the customer does not appear in the Master then the customer code has a value of zero and the name is entered.

    For the userform (UserForm1) that I am building, I have a textbox for the customer code. If the customer code > 0, then I look up the master and fill in the customer's name. If the customer code is zero, then I want to load all the unique customer name for which the customer code is 0 so that the user can select from this list.

    I have two problems that need help on:

    a) if I provide a combobox for the customer name, can I fill the customer name in the combobox

    b) can someone help with the vba code to load the unique customer name for customer code = 0 into the combobox


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