I'm trying to help out a friend...

Her sheet has to keep track of changes made to certain named ranges by posting a timestamp & username in specific associated cells (named ranges).

The problem is as follows:

When changing a cell value (or clearing) & pressing enter, or selecting another cell within the same original range with the mouse, or moving the selection within the same original range with the arrow keys, the procedure performs as desired.

However, when moving the selection to another named range (i.e., ByVal "Target" for Worksheet_Change procedure changes) the change doesn't trigger the posting of either the timestamp or the username. Therefore, the change seems to go unnoticed. I suspect that my whole procedure is the root cause & that my approach needs to change, but I'm too new at this to see an alternate solution.

Attached is the whole workbook.Production Issue sheet - example dates change_00.xlsm

Any help is much appreciated.