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Replacing cell value without replacing formula in the cell

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    Replacing cell value without replacing formula in the cell


    Here is the situation:

    - I have raw data on Sheet 1 on Collumns B:E ( example B1 Apple C1 Car D1 50 E1 100)
    - The data from B:E is put together to Sheet 2 to collumn C (Apple|Car|50|100) Formula: IF(Sheet1!B5="";"";Sheet1!B5&"|"&Sheet1!C5&"|"&Sheet1!D5&"|"&Sheet1!E5))
    - When there is a data on C collumn, cell next to it on B collumn turns into "Yes" Formula: =IF(C1<>"";"yes";"")
    - Then there is a macro that exports txt file consisting of Collumn C IF there is "yes" on collumn B
    - After the macro has been run (txt file created), it should turn all the "yes" values into "no" values -> won't include them anymore when the txt file is created next time

    I created a code that doesn't just quite work.The debugger says that there is a problem in [ If cell.Value <> "" Then ] , but I don't really know why. Also, once I tried another code, but it replaced everything, including all the =IF(C1<>"";"yes";"") formulas. Any idea what's wrong with the code? This is probably very simple for someone who actually knows what he's doing.

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