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Macro for match and replace cell values between 2 workbook

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    Macro for match and replace cell values between 2 workbook

    Hi Excel Gurus,

    I need a little help to sort out the following problem and believe someone out there can assist to enlighten my limited excel Macro knowledge.

    The problem:
    - 2 sample excel workbook attached. (eventdata.xlsx & userlist.xlsx)
    - 1 WB contain user IN/OUT event data with a few columns and the other consists of list of users with their corresponding card No.
    - eventdata.xlsx has some missing card No. in column D and some of the card No. are not in the right format.
    - There are about 100s of "eventdata.xlsx" files with about 600 rows each need to be updated as per requirements mentioned below.

    The Requirements:
    - Need to match the cell value of "UserName - ColumnC" in "eventdata.xlsx" and "UserName ColumnB" in "userlist.xlsx" which need to Loop through till the end of the row in "eventdata.xlsx".
    - If the match found, then replace "Card No. ColumnD" of "eventdata.xlsx" with the cell value from corresponding user's "Card No. ColumnC" of "userlist.xlsx"
    - To update 100s of "eventdata.xlsx" files, I would like the micro to run from "userlist.xlsx" and update all 100's of "eventdata.xlsx" (e.g. "eventdata1.xlsx, eventdata2.xlsx, "eventdata3.xlsx", etc.) located in the folder called "eventdata" without having them opened.

    Look forward to your professional feedback and Mentorship.

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    Re: Macro for match and replace cell values between 2 workbook

    This is a pretty big request in one chunk. I'm sure you'll get better response if you break down your question into several parts, so that they can be tackled one after the other.

    Also, we're happy to help you with your effort, but nobody here will be keen on developing a solution from scratch. This forum is about helping people learn how to use Excel, not a free development service.

    Have you started any work on this project yet?
    How far did you get?
    Where are you stuck?

    We can help you develop your own code, but if you want someone to code this for you all the way, you should try and find a commercial developer.
    Ben Van Johnson

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