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Need VBA to copy rows based on criteria in last column.

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    Need VBA to copy rows based on criteria in last column.

    Hey everyone,
    I know the title may seem like one that has been solved, however, my specific example is not cooperating. I do not have a great grasp on VBA yet (does anyone have a good resource to get information, i've been piecing mine together haphazardly).
    Anyways, I attached a copy of my database. Right now there is VBA (that i borrowed from another post) that moves my rows from the sheet Trim to the sheet Section when the trimmed column has "trimmed" typed into. However, I want to spare my users from having to type trim into the box for every row (we go through a lot of rows weekly). I placed an IF function into the Trimmed column that would put the value "trimmed" into a cell when there is a trimmed date entered. But the VBA does not recognize the cell as having the word "trimmed" typed into it (probably because it is actually a function, not the value). I was hoping there is a way to incorporate that IF function into my VBA, so that when a user enters a trimmed date: either that row gets moved into the section sheet, or trimmed gets placed into the cell and then that row gets moved to the section sheet.
    I would also like my data to do a very similar thing in regards to the Section Sheet and the Complete Sheet. When a row has the sectioned date OR complete column filled with a value (say "done"), then move that row over to the next open row in the Complete Sheet. I tried to copy and paste the VBA from my Trim Sheet onto the Section Sheet, and then modify the destination sheet value and the range of cells to copy, but it would only delete the row from Section; with the information never showing up in the Complete Sheet.

    I have been wracking my brain over this workbook, and since I don't have a good grasp yet on the VBA, I could use some major help!!!! THANKS everyone!
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