I have a master workbook, a template workbook and other different workbook with the same template(table form). I need a macro, to create new workbook by using the template workbook and save as new workbook. This I've done already. The master workbook consist of the sum from all the
other different workbook. What I need is that when there is a new workbook created with the given template, the formula of the master workbook will update accordingly. Currently the formula of my master workbook is

=SUM('G:\Documents\[Staff1.xls]Febuary'!$AH5,'G:\Documents\[Staff2.xls]Febuary'!$AH5' )

So when the new file macro is created, it will be something like =SUM('G:\Documents\[Staff1.xls]Febuary'!$AH5,'G:\Documents\[Staff2.xls]Febuary'!$AH5', G:\Documents\[New file.xls]Febuary'!$AH5)

Thanks in advance