Greetings all,

I have a cool macro I've been developing that lists all the data sources and output range addresses for all my PivotTables and QueryTables. Apparently, though, I'm misunderstanding what a query table is. I thought that if I brought in data from an external source and displayed it in a table, rather than a PivotTable, then the table of data was a "QueryTable" object. This seems to be the case with the legacy reports on which I most frequently work. However, when I create new workbooks and add external data, no QueryTable objects are created, just regular "Tables" (created as ListObjects).

I know the object model changed with more recent versions and that all the tables go in as ListObjects, and some of those ListObjects have a QueryTable property. However, NONE of my newly inserted tables have the QueryTable property. Can anybody explain to me what is happening here and, most importantly, how do I capture the data source of a ListObject when it isn't a QueryTable and doesn't include a QueryTable property?

Much thanks!