I have a UserForm containing a ListBox. When the MultiSelect property of the list box is set to to fmMultiSelectSingle, the listBox_Click() sub always activates when a selection is made in the box. When the listBox MultiSelect property is set to either fmMultiSelectMulti or fmMultiSelectExtended, no matter what I do the listBox_Click() Sub is NEVER invoked. I have created listBox_SelectedIndexChanged(), listBox_SelectedValueChanged() listBox_ValueMemberChanged() and listBox_MouseClick() subs in the user form, but none of these ever seem to be invoked either. What do I need to do to either get the listBox_Click() event to occur for multiple selection or to get one of these other events to occur. I am trying to have code that can use the listBox Selected property to determine that it is okay to enable the UserForm's OK button.