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userform duplicate entry check writing to sheet

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    userform duplicate entry check writing to sheet

    have now tried numerous validation codes for duplicate entries through userform 1,all work and says theres a duplicate no but each of them write to sheetmfr
    i have a button under ainscough ref that if i enter 22 in ainscough ,click button it tells me theres a duplicate ,fine, but if you go to sheetmfr its written number
    there , thats why i have been getting duplicate entries on sheet , i would enter 22222 check for duplicates ,all fine fill rest in and save go to sheet and there is duplicate no ,just need it to check number and if there not write anything hope that explains any one else have this problem
    cheers colin
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    Re: userform duplicate entry check writing to sheet

    This is a duplicate post and as such does not comply with Rule 5 of our forum rules. This thread will now be closed, you may continue in your other thread.

    Thread Closed.
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