I have a workbook that has 11 web querys on it and im trying to compile a list of stock symbols that will end up being itemized under a specific headers ie.(StockstoWatch, PremarketMovers, EarningsBeforeOpen) all in the same column on a master sheet. Im trying to figure out how to paste one column(each of varying size and location) from each sheet to column A on master sheet. I dont care if i have to create the header before or after pasting from each sheet but ill need everything i paste to get inserted at first row available then. Unless there is a way to have everything get pasted under an preexisting header that is already on the sheet.

This is what ive been working with but its copying entire row. I need to just copy whats in column C of the row where it finds the text then paste every stock with earnings before the open under its corresponding header on the master sheet.

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