I have a large excel file that I need to print as several PDF's. Basically what I have is a list of products and the customer who ordered them. I need to print a PDF for each customer of only their products. Columns A through G are what need to be printed, and Column I has the customers name. I need to include row 1 in each pdf. So what I am thinking should be simple enough, have it print the selection as a pdf, then move on to the next section, but where I am torn is that each customer has different numbers of products. I need to have it determine the print area based on what is matching in row I.

Item Cost Customer
Widget1 5$ Danny
Widget2 10$ Danny
Widget1 5$ Mark

So the print area for Danny would be A2:G2, but for Mark its only going to be one row. I figured what would be simplest would be to print a section, then delete it out so that way A1:G1 can always be included and doesn't have to change.

Any ideas on a simple way to recognize how many products each customer has?