I have a small problem. I developed an application in VBA for Excel, which uses a special text files as an input. I compiled it to ".exe" file withe DoneEx XCell compiler:


then I created the MSI package with Windows Advanced Installer freeware. Everything worked fine.

I wanted that Windows could recognize my files asw associated with the application. In my installation package I applied to the registry what is desribed on the following website (the second option):


and it also worked fine... So I got my text files, with specific extension ".ext", which got document icons derived from my application, and I can fire my application by double clicking on the ".ext" file. The only thging is that it does not recognize the command line argument.

For test purposes I included the following lines at the beginning of Workbook_open

Dim CommandArgument As String
CommandArgument = Command()
If CommandArgument = "" Then
MsgBox "Empty"
MsgBox CommandArgument
End If

and I get "Empty" whether I open it from start menu or by double clicking on ".ext" file...

Do you have any hints for that? Is it something wrong with my code / use of Command() function, with my registry entry, or perhaps this is a compiler issue?

Thanks in advance,