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Strange behaviour decimal sign numeric keypad

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    Strange behaviour decimal sign numeric keypad


    My international settings are set to "Dutch" / Keyboard Settings = US-International

    So if I enter decimal numbers into my worksheet, the "point" from the numeric keypad is automatically "converted" to a "comma".
    So far so good

    I created a userform for entering numbers, those are stored on a worksheet.
    The strange thing here is, that if I enter decimal numbers with the numeric keypad, the "point" will actually stay as a point, and
    now my entered number is no longer recognized as a number, but it shows as a text value.

    How can I change the behaviour of entering the "point" on the numeric keypad into a comma?


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    Re: Strange behaviour decimal sign numeric keypad

    Hi Erik, all user input in a textbox on a UserForm is considered text and not a numeric value, so if you want to store or process it as a numeric value you have to manipulate the value yourself.
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