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Automatic powerpoint presentation

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    Automatic powerpoint presentation

    i've got some problem with automatisation of creating power point presentation from excel file.
    i've got two columns, in first i've got group name and in second one the list name. first i need to copy the first group name and paste it into eg.sheet2 cell b1, then take first name from second column and paste it into sheet 2 cell b2. then all graphs on different sheets will apear. Things connected with charts its not a problem. Problem is that i need to create presentation for every group with all names. Like you see in excel file there are 3 category so i need to create 3 power point presentation with separate slides for each name. And also power point file should be saved automaticly with group name.
    I can't show my original file so i create something similar. I hope someone can helph me or give some solution haw i can do this.
    Thank you in advance for help
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