I have an Excel 2011 spreadsheet where I am constantly having to move groups of 12 cells around with other groups of 12 cells (the cells are arranged in groups of 6 columns and 2 rows). If I select a group of cells and move it over another group, Excel will bring up a box that says "Do you want to replace the contents of the selected cells?" Is there a way to swap the data instead of replace it? I've seen lots of macros for swapping two cells, or two columns/rows, but none of them have worked on my spreadsheet because I need to swap 12 cells that are a mix of rows and columns. My spreadsheet would be so much easier to use if I could just drag a group over another and have the data swapped between the two groups of cells.

It's also important that formatting gets swapped along with the data, because my spreadsheet adds up cells based on their color.

Thanks for your help!