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Userform - Want textbox row to clear itself after I move the coursor to another textbox

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    Userform - Want textbox row to clear itself after I move the coursor to another textbox


    I'm new and terrible at this , so forgive me if I don't really know how to describe my problem

    I need my user form to clear the previous box I was in when I move the cursor to the next box
    You can only enter data into the extreme left column , and it will fill out the rest of the row with the calculation
    Currently it will look like this when I enter start entering numbers into another row


    I want it to look like this
    All numbers from the previous row disappear when I move the cursor to another box


    Also , is it possible to change the default highlight color from light blue to yellow?
    I have circled it in red


    Lastly , is there a way to put this directly on worksheet itself?
    Cause I have 3 of these tables and I can't open any other when one of them is opened
    That was I can put one on each sheet and just use the tabs below to switch

    Attached is a copy of the userform
    Gam stage 2.xls

    Thanks for any help!
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